Where We Stand

In this time of great distress over issues that push to pit “us against them” it’s important to state where Certain Affinity stands. Now more than ever we must continue to give voice to our values: we don’t turn our backs on one another, nor to those in need regardless of background, origin, or beliefs. Diversity and inclusion are what make this country great and Certain Affinity is modeled on this notion.

As I communicated almost exactly a year ago, few if any of us would be here today if strong prejudice against immigrants had prevailed in the past. I wouldn’t be here if my great-grandparents hadn’t been allowed into the US as immigrants fleeing persecution, nor would my wife, who immigrated from Iran, one of the countries from which refugees, permanent US residents, immigrants and visitors are being collectively punished – targeted and discriminated against. Certain Affinity itself wouldn’t be here, creating amazing games, providing 10 years of stable, high-quality jobs, and giving back to the community.

CA includes amazing people from a wide variety of countries and ethnic backgrounds. Our strong team is made up of people with a myriad of individual differences, life experiences, perspectives and unique talents. Embracing this diversity and continuing to nurture it is part of the bedrock of our culture, our reputation and our success. We will continue to stand with all of you in creating an inclusive and safe place to work and we will continue hiring the best worldwide talent without prejudice.

Max Hoberman
President, Certain Affinity