The Secret is Out: Project Loro

At the close of gamescom 2023 we invited a few industry friends for a hands-on demo of our latest game, an original FPS codenamed Project Loro. Development has been in the works since December of last year, but the game represents the culmination and distillation of decades of experience in the space.

We’re actively seeking a publishing partner for the game, so we aren’t quite ready to share details. However, we did want to share some initial reactions from our private sessions last week:

  • “Genuinely a delightful surprise and mind blowing experience.”
  • “I love and play FPS, but it is the first time in a long time that I’ve seen something new that wasn’t completely boring – it was incredible.”
  • “I really liked it. All of the game mechanics are really smooth — very snappy and responsive. Just so good!”
  • “I really liked the [REDACTED]. I wasn’t expecting that and it was awesome.”
  • “No better use of my time tonight that I could have chosen, than to come see this game.”
  • “The visuals and art are absolutely astounding.”
  • “The controls are so realistic and so tight! You’ve already nailed the 3 C’s.”
  • “Easily the best demo I saw and played at the show. Can’t wait to see more!”

We’re grateful for the opportunity to show off Project Loro to some of our closest friends, and look forward to the day when we can offer our fans their first look at the game. Stay tuned!

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