The Austin Statesman Talks Halo 4 with Certain Affinity

It’s all hands on deck these days at Austin video game developer Certain Affinity.

That’s because the studio is working on perhaps the year’s highest-profile video game: “Halo 4” for the Xbox 360. While the Microsoft-owned 343 Industries is the primary developer, Certain Affinity is assisting with many aspects of the game, most notably on its multiplayer components. The game is due out in November, just in time for the holiday shopping season.


“When you’re working on those big holiday titles, there’s no room for slip; there’s no room for error,” Certain Affinity founder and president Max Hoberman said. “It’s like, for Halo this holiday, we will hit our deadline. Absolutely. Once it’s announced, once that date is out there, you’d better get it done.”


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