June 2021: Studio Update

It has been an incredible year full of ups and downs as we all continue to deal with the impact of the pandemic in our personal and professional lives. At Certain Affinity, we pride ourselves on being a great place to work, and that starts with taking care of our people. Early on, we canceled all non-essential travel plans, conducted all candidate interviews virtually, implemented extra sanitary precautions, and began scaling up our remote-work capabilities.

As we received more information from various government sources, we started to plan proactively and asked our entire staff to transition to work from home by mid-March 2020. We also created a dedicated internal COVID-19 information website and social channels to proactively keep employees updated on the latest news and information as we received it.

Throughout the pandemic, our top priority has been about keeping our employees and their families and community safe. While we’ve settled in quite well with everyone working remotely, we are trying to figure out how to balance COVID-19 containment efforts with the needs of our employees, our business, and the desire to re-open. We have been working proactively with our architect and other experts on how we open our offices safely, and what modifications we need to make to our facility. We will continue to monitor health guidelines as we determine the timing of our re-opening for both Austin and Toronto, as each location has unique challenges to understand and adjust for.

In addition, we posted the following update within our Careers section, to provide some additional guidance for new applicants as we’ve had a handful of common questions:

“We are currently making internal adjustments as we look towards a blended future work model that includes in-office, hybrid (a mix of in-office and working from home), and remote options for our Austin and Toronto studios. Certain Affinity is authorized to do business in several US states and Canadian provinces and anticipates that additional locations will be added over time. Please speak with your recruiter to learn more about potential options and to communicate your location preferences.”

If you would like to see all of our previous COVID-specific updates, please click the links below:

We’ll continue to post updates about the future of our workplace, as it’s not only important for protecting the safety of our employees and their families, but also protecting the local communities that we reside in.