IGDA-Austin Microtalks Presents “Joy”

Thursday, August 21 @ Retro Studios

Matt Oztalay, technical artist at Certain Affinity, is part of the speaker line-up at next week’s Microtalks, hosted by IGDA-Austin. Featuring ten-minute segments from eight different game professionals, this panel will cover how what they do relates to the subject of joy, and “How much does joy matter when the subject is video games?”

Microtalks is a semi-annual event. The event on August 21 is already SOLD OUT with a 100+ attendance at local game studio Retro Studios, but a post-event video will be available online at: http://austingamedevs.org/microtalks.

You can learn more at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/igda-austin-microtalks-presents-joy-tickets-12298999639