Certain Affinity Launches Fundraising Effort for Refugees

Over the years Certain Affinity has supported a wide range of causes near and dear to our hearts. These span the gamut from supporting the Austin gaming community to promoting education and STEM initiatives to charitable campaigns raising funds for animal shelters, Big Brothers Big Sisters, The Blood and Tissue Center, and earthquake relief in Nepal.

Each year we choose at least one new cause inspired by a topic that one of our employees is especially passionate about. This year I am personally compelled to choose the topic – fundraising for the International Rescue Committee (IRC). This being an election year, no doubt you’ve heard the debate over the current immigrantion system / policy. I don’t usually get involved in politics, but with millions of people worldwide in dire need, I feel compelled to do something to try and make a difference.

Texas is on the front line of a refugee crisis as tens of thousands of women and children from Central America flow North. The Middle East and Europe are struggling to cope with millions of refugees fleeing conflicts in Iraq, Libya, and in Syria. Whether seeking asylum from war, terrorism, gang or domestic violence, these are innocent people reacting to desperate situations and seeking opportunities and a better quality of life for their children and families. I was moved when Austin Mayor Steve Adler joined the White House’s call to avoid knee-jerk reactions that discriminate against people from specific countries or of specific faiths, publicly declaring that “There’s a moral imperative here. These are folks that are fleeing horrific conditions.” I couldn’t agree more. The simple fact of the matter is that few if any of us would be here today if strong prejudice against immigrants had prevailed in the past. I’ll tell you frankly – Certain Affinity wouldn’t be here; I wouldn’t be here, nor would my wife.

Millions of people have given up everything for the chance at a new beginning: a chance at security, dignity, and opportunity. It is imperative that we welcome them with open arms. I would like Certain Affinity to have a voice in this debate by helping them rebuild their lives and setting them on a path towards the American dream.

International Rescue Committee is our organization of choice for this fundraiser. They work in over 40 countries and 25 U.S. cities to restore safety, dignity and hope for refugees. We have a modest fundraising goal, of $5,000 but I implore you to help us blow that out of the water. Thank you for helping with this incredibly important cause.

Thank you,

President, Certain Affinity

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International Rescue Committee (IRC) was founded as the American branch of the European-based International Relief Association (IRA) at the suggestion of Albert Einstein to assist Germans suffering under Hitler and later refugees from Mussolini’s Italy and Franco’s Spain. 8o+ years later IRC has grown into an exemplary charity scoring a 92.5 on Charity Navigator, a 5 star rating on Guide Star and an A+ rating on Charity Watch.