Certain Affinity Hosts Dev Day 2022

Dev Day at Certain Affinity is an annual tradition featuring bright talent and veterans of the industry. Dev Day sessions span across multiple disciplines, including product training, design philosophy, and behind the scenes looks at award winning projects.

Influenced by Remedy’s yearly developer event, Dev Day was created to bring teams together to connect, learn, and inspire. Dev Day 2022 was a particularly special year, as many of our colleagues and teammates had not seen each other since the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Certain Affinity has always put teamwork first, and Dev Day is a testament to our aspirations to learn and grow together.” – Max Hoberman, Certain Affinity Founder & CEO

Dev Day 2022 was an energizing event for the Certain Affinity team. All of us gained a wealth of knowledge by coming together to learn from each other as well as from some of our friends within the industry. The day reminded us of the importance of continuous learning and the power of working together.

“Dev Day was valuable for taking a break from heads down work and getting to hear from others outside our company who are respected in the industry to learn and inspire thinking.” – CA Designer

“I learned that there is more outside of my team that is fairly interesting to learn about.” – CA Quality Assurance

“These kinds of social events promote a sense of comradery and friendship among team members that facilitate healthy working relationships. This can not be overstated. By Dev Day being held at CA, it shows the company’s investment in this proven theory.” – CA Artist

“Meeting people I work with on a regular basis in person was wonderful. The sessions were energizing and informative even for those of us who do not have a developer type role.” – CA Operations

We are grateful to our friends and colleagues who gave their time to share their expertise as well as to everyone at CA who worked diligently to make Dev Day 2022 a tremendous success. We can’t wait for next year.

Certain Affinity is hiring across many disciplines, with many remote or on-site options available. Interested in joining the team? Apply now at certainaffinity.com/careers/.