Halo 4: Castle Map Pack Review, Eurogamer

The Halo 4 approach to multiplayer add-ons has been low-key compared to the bombast of its more earthbound shooter peers. Call of Duty and Battlefield have offered up themed packages, zombies, co-operative bonuses and whatever else might entice players into picking up that all-important season pass.

With Halo 4, DLC studio Certain Affinity and main game developer 343 Studios have simply delivered maps, three at a time. It almost seems quaint, but it's an approach that has paid dividends. After a clunky start with the Crimson map pack, the game has benefited from maps that are classic in design but modern in pace, accommodating Halo's increasingly lengthy list of game modes and livening up the playlists with solid craftsmanship and some beautiful locations. That's a trend that continues in this, the last of the three DLC packs, and another victory of both substance and style.

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