Concept Art Lead

Would you like to work on some of the greatest franchises in gaming history? How about more than one? Certain Affinity is an Austin game studio comprised of a tightly-knit group of experienced industry veterans committed creating best in class games. We’re best known for co-developing AAA FPS games, but also work on a few projects of our own, and have very interesting new projects in the works.

In a multiple project environment, you will lead concept development efforts on a project while reporting to the Concept Department lead. You will work with the Department Lead and the Art Director to help manage and direct a team of conceptual artists by defining the look, feel and fiction of in-game environments, characters and world assets. You’ll be a key part of developing the visual narrative of the worlds we create, as well as defining artistic targets using a combination of artistic skill and visual problem solving. Core skills utilized in this position include digital painting, sketching, 3d modeling and layout techniques, as tools to develop and communicate ideation.



    • Use visual design and ideation to solve complex graphical, fictional and gameplay problems
    • Work with the Lead Concept Artist to create and/or co-develop visual languages across all content categories for new projects and established brands
    • Contribute a wide range of skills as a hands-on concept artist, with the ability to lead by example while helping to grow a team’s individual skills
    • Help challenge and inspire a team of concept artists through image, action, and idea
    • Create visual languages for new projects and embrace and enhance established style guides for existing franchises
    • Help to effectively communicate and provide feedback on visual development and artistic direction
    • Quickly sketch and explore many different approaches to a problem
    • Create and evangelize amazing imagery to inspire the development team and fuel promotional efforts
    • Produce a wide range of highly creative environment, character, creature and vehicular concept art
    • Collaborate closely with designers, programmers, and other game artists
    • Assist the Lead Concept Artist with managing the department by interviewing, hiring, and mentoring employees, reviewing work for quality, and appraising performance and resolving issues



    • 7+ years experience in the game or film industry as a concept artist
    • Fundamental illustration and rendering skills including composition, perspective, form, color theory, use of detail, and surface texture
    • Strong grasp of human anatomy and proportion, as well as architectural and engineered forms
    • Seasoned drawing and conceptualization skills with a proven ability to adapt to established styles
    • Excellent presentation skills
    • Ability to communicate ideas quickly through iterative media like sketches and whiteboard diagrams, as well as having strong verbal and written communication skills
    • Predilection for visual development and game design challenges
    • Understanding of engineering, science, history and cultures
    • Digital illustration skills with an advanced understanding of Photoshop
    • 3DS Max, Maya, Zbrush or similar 3d skills
    • Open and collaborative, comfortable taking direction and critique
    • Self-managing – organized with good time management
    • Must be able to identify and meet individual goals as well as helping a small team towards success
    • Ability to manage multiple tasks while identifying and meeting key goals in a production environment


Extra Credit

    • Bachelors degree in Art/Animation
    • Graphic design, iconography, layout skills
    • Experience working with partners and co-development teams.
    • Experience in FPS and/or 3rd person action-adventure game development