The Battle for Reach rages on with the Halo: Reach Defiant Map Pack.


The Defiant Map Pack, developed by Certain Affinity in collaboration with 343 Industries, contains three new multiplayer battlefields, now available for the most critically acclaimed shooter of 2010. Spartans, ready your assault rifles and prepare to take the fight to new fronts.


Condemned, set on a space station above the planet Reach, is designed for 6-12 players in various team modes and Free-for-all, while Highlands is a Big Team Battle, Team Slayer, and Team Objective map set in the Wilderness Training Preserve on the planet. Finally, Unearthed is a new Firefight map set inside a titanium mine. The map pack includes new Achievements to the value of 150 Gamerscore.

Released:March 15, 2011


Platforms:Xbox 360


“The new maps are grounded in a mix of beautiful scenery and the devastating effects of war -- an aesthetic that Bungie's games do better than almost anyone, and Certain Affinity has followed suit with some gorgeous locales.”
-game informer
“It plays like Firefight mode at its best. It's fast, it's dynamic, and it's fun.”