Certain Affinity’s first project, the Blastacular Map Pack resurrected two multiplayer maps for Halo 2, including the king of Halo maps, Hang ‘Em High. Loaded with all-new graphics, features and a few hidden surprises, the remade map, Tombstone, offered fans the familiar catwalks and dangerous trenches that made this the most requested Halo multiplayer map ever.


The second map, Desolation, was a beautiful remake of the original Halo map Derelict. With new graphics, effects, and a massive gameplay overhaul, Desolation was faster-paced and more balanced.

Released:April 17, 2007


Platforms:Xbox 360


As one of the flagship Halo 2 tournament maps, Lockout was home to a wide host of game types, including Free-for-All, Oddball, King of the Hill, 1-Flag CTF, and of course, Team Slayer. Get ready to return to this classic battleground as Lockdown, part of the Halo 2 Anniversary multiplayer experience in Halo: The Master Chief Collection."