Crimson Alliance is an original action role-playing game developed by Certain Affinity and available exclusively on Xbox Live Arcade. Released on September 7th, 2011, the game features three distinct character classes – Direwolf the wizard, Moonshade the assassin, and Gnox the mercenary. Players can battle through the land of Byzan in addictive 4-player co-op gameplay, either online or on the same couch, smashing their way through lethal waves of enemies and exploring the dark underworld.


On September 27th, 2011, we released the Vengeance Pack of downloadable content for Crimson Alliance, with two devious new levels, new monsters, new treasures, three achievements, and a new challenge mode, Fistful of Coins. Joystiq said the new mode “has players tasked with surviving wave after wave of beasts, collecting gold as they go along. The group can leave and bank their loot at any time, which will help them ascend the leaderboards, but if they die, they’ll lose everything. It’s Crimson Alliance meets the masochism of Demon’s Souls.”


Crimson Alliance earned TheGameEffect’s ‘E3 2011: Best Downloadable Runner Up’ award and was nominated for:

  • GameInformer’s ‘Best Of E3’ award
  • G4TV’s ‘Best of E3’ award
  • 1Up’s ‘Top Sleepers of E3 2011’

Released:September 7, 2011

Gameplay:Single-player, Co-op

Platforms:Xbox Live Arcade


“It's games like this that are a real treat to discover at E3.”
-game informer
“Crimson Alliance definitely can pass as a full retail title from the looks of it.”
-Gaming Bytes
“Crimson Alliance is shaping up to be a polished, modern successor to the legacy of Gauntlet.”