Rooster Teeth Expo 2012

We showed off some of our work from Halo 4 at this year’s Rooster Teeth Expo in our hometown of Austin, TX. That’s right people; we’re co-developing with the Chief again and loving every minute of it. Part of what we have been up to is designing Forge environments for Halo 4 and improving the map editor itself with usability improvements, graphical enhancements, and new features that will spark a whole new creative wave of community maps and games. Click here to see the RTX Halo 4 panel in action.

“While a wide breadth of changes and additions have been made to the Forge editor, most interesting are the “Player Trait Zones,” which allow map builders to modify the characteristics of any players that enter the affected area, changing the height of their jumps, the speed at which they run, etc. It’s even possible to reverse the gravity in a given area by using “Grav Volume” field.”

“The possibilities really are more limitless than ever before for fans who want to craft a map as finely-engineered as those the developers have ready to go.”