Halo 4 Ricochet Forge Contest Winners

Here at Certain Affinity, we were chomping at the bit to get these maps in our hands. We love to see the community’s creativity and the maps provided a great battlefield for a little interoffice competition.A huge thank you to everyone who participated! Your passion for Forge and Ricochet inspire us to create maps, modes, and features that will keep you coming back for more.

It was not easy choosing a winner, but alas it was our duty to pick the top three. Without further ado, here are your winners!

Third Place: Inheritor
Inheritor’s enclosed environment rewards short-range play styles, while the paths to run the skull are long and open enough to encourage long-range defense. The multiple paths through the center are clear and well prioritized. While the size of the map made engagement times slower, it also rewards teams that play together and mobilize quickly. The placement of power weapons and the addition of a teleporter add great tactical depth to the environment. Lastly, the numerous skill jumps through the center make running the ball a tremendous amount of fun for those that can pull off some controller acrobatics.

Second Place: Butter
Butter’s combination of tight corridors surrounding a wide open arena rewards teams that play with a combination of long and short-range tactics. The pathways across the map allow players to dodge, weave, and skill jump in and out of cover to perform some epic runs. With all paths leading through it, the open arena in the center allows for decent passing opportunities, keeps engagement times short, and rewards teams that can maintain control of the area. This environmental dichotomy also creates a near-perfect balance between throwing the skull for quick points and running it in for a big score.

First Place: Hekau
Hekau is a fast-paced map that strongly supports a team-based playstyle. The wide-open design creates fast-engagement times and empowers a strong passing game that can lead to incredible interceptions when things get heated. There is a robust mix of open and covered pathways that encourages the defense to spread out and monitor all sides. However, the map is still small enough to allow a quick team response when the skull is taken down one path or another. Hekau’s variations in environment are perfect for creating team call-outs and providing tactical variety while maintaining a balanced symmetry. The centralized placement of power weapons, such as the Rocket Launcher and Sniper Rifle, add an extra layer of tactical depth and create focus points for engagements.

Thank you again to all who participated. We have many ideas for contests floating around in our head so stay tuned or hook up with us on Facebook for the next great Forge adventure! A major thank you to the Community Cartographers and 343 Industries, without your help we wouldn’t be able to host these competitions. Finally a shout out to our friends at Rooster Teeth, your PSA was hilarious and helped us set a record of maps submitted. Thanks and let’s do this again soon!

Certain Affinity